• What if all of your organization’s projects were on schedule?

    Get help with all facets of scheduling, from project selection through closeout, including project management and Microsoft Project training and consulting.

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A unique end-to-end approach to scheduling success.

Avoid working hard on the wrong thing or performing poorly on the right one with Schedule Associates’ holistic approach to meeting the schedule for your projects. Achieve profitability, increased customer satisfaction and efficiencies from finishing projects on time.

Process Starts

  • timeline image Project Selection and Prioritization

    Select the projects offering the highest returns on investment and prioritize them so that the most valuable have the greatest chance of success.

  • timeline image Needs Analysis and Validation

    Identify your customers, understand their needs, and validate and prioritize their needs for subsequent alignment with project goals.

  • timeline image Requirements Definition

    Successfully completing a project requires meeting the requirements of key stakeholders. The better defined and understood the requirements are the greater the likelihood of a successful project.

  • timeline image Scope Definition

    What is the project? A clear commonly held understanding of the answer to that question provides the basis for the remainder of the project planning and lays the groundwork for a successful project.

  • timeline image Risk Assessment

    No projects go as planned. What could cause the project to go awry and what can be done to minimize the likelihood that it will?

  • timeline image Estimation

    How long will each task in the project take, how much money is needed and what resources are necessary? Questions that are easy to ask, but difficult to answer. There are techniques and best practices that can help.

  • timeline image Schedule, Staff & Budget Planning

    The science and art of bringing together estimates into reasonable project-level plans that will serve as the guide for the subsequent work on the project.

  • timeline image Project Execution & Control

    Get the work done and incorporate agreed-to changes to the project while staying on plan.

  • timeline image Project Closure

    Learn from the project so that the next one can be done better, recognize the team members for their effort and ensure customer satisfaction.

Project Finish

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