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How might we work with Schedule Associates to address some gaps in our scheduling methodologies?

At Schedule Associates we try not to prejudge what will work best for our customers so we’d rather have you tell us what you need and then see how we can best help out. However, we can recommend ways of identifying and prioritizing any gaps in your process. Depending on the findings we’ll then work with you to fill those gaps with training, developing processes, creating and maintaining schedules, coaching team members, managing risks, just to name a few.

Can we purchase Microsoft Project and/or Project Server from you?

We do not sell software or software licenses.

Can you help us with a current schedule?

Sure! We can audit the schedule to see if it complies with best practices, update and maintain the schedule, assist in assessing the risk associated with the schedule, train those developing and maintaining the schedule how to do so, or help out in a variety of other ways.

What types of schedules have you helped with in the past?

All sorts! We’ve assisted with schedules for natural gas pipeline construction, medical research, wood product plant outages, power plant outages, mining projects and a wide variety of others.

How much lead time do we need to provide you before you can assist us?

That depends on what type of assistance you’re looking for and how booked our team members are. If you’re interested in Microsoft Project assistance provided over theĀ  phone and online we may need as little as two hours. For more extensive needs it’s possible that we could provide some assistance as early as next week. Generally we are planning one to three months out for larger efforts.