Maximize the likelihood that your project will meet its objectives with project controls assistance from Schedule Associates. The discipline of project controls entails focusing on planning and managing the project’s scope, schedule, cost and risk. Quantitative methods are used to ensure the project stays on track once it’s underway.

Working with Schedule Associates’ team for project controls assistance can range from occasional consultations and audits of the relevant parts of the project plan to full-time development and updating of the schedule, spending and risk plans.

Specifically, we can help with or perform completely:

  • definition of the project’s scope in a way that will facilitate management of the project once it’s underway,
  • risk identification and management to maximize the probability of successful project completion,
  • cost estimation and spending plan development,
  • time estimation and schedule development,
  • updating of the schedule and spending plan once the project is underway,
  • change management in which agreed-to changes are incorporated into the plan in a manner that allows the project to continue to progress,
  • assessing project status using earned value management and other methodologies for determining the project’s health,
  • forensic analysis to understand the causes of deviations from plan.