Microsoft Project Working Session

Our Microsoft Project Working Session is a combination of facilitation, consulting and hands-on training all wrapped into one. You’ll walk out of the session with a preliminary plan for your project!

While each of our client’s needs are different, a typical Working Session involves gathering with a small team of people who are intimately involved with a current or upcoming project and who are responsible for the project. With the Schedule Associates consultant’s guidance, the team works on developing a plan or revising or improving a plan in Microsoft Project that meets the needs of the organization and the project stakeholders. Those present may be working on the same project or each participant may have a different project in need of planning in Microsoft Project or Project Pro for Office 365.

The Working Session is typically a half or full day in length.

Each Schedule Associates consultant is an experienced and certified project manager with real world experience using Microsoft Project. Based on his or her experience and knowledge of the application and project management best practices, your Schedule Associates facilitator can assist the team in:

  • understanding the overall approach to planning projects in Microsoft Project,
  • defining and capturing the scope of the project,
  • developing a schedule for the project,
  • assigning resources to tasks and understanding the resulting demand for staff and equipment on the project,
  • defining procedures for tracking progress once the project is underway,
  • developing templates for use in planning projects that are similar to one another,
  • complying with best practices for scope definition and scheduling and the use of Microsoft Project in general,
  • understanding resource utilization on the project and even across the enterprise if sufficient information exists.

The Working Session can be conducted using any version of Microsoft Project and with organizations using Microsoft Project Server or Project Online.

To obtain maximum value from the Working Session, the following requirements should be met:

Unsure if your team members know Microsoft Project? Distribute and have them complete our Microsoft Project Knowledge Assessment!

  • There should be a small number of participants, typically less than ten, and often five or fewer so that the facilitator can spend ample time working with each participant. Attendees will most often be the core project team, those responsible for actively planning and managing a particular project.
  • Each participant should have a project for which they want to develop a Microsoft Project plan or all participants may be on the same project .

Course books can be provided as part of the session if appropriate.

We are unable to do custom development, for example creating macros, during the Working Session. If you have a need for macros in Microsoft Project please contact us to discuss your needs further so that we can assist you in the best way possible. We develop macros in Project for our clients on an hourly basis.

We are unable to set up or configure Microsoft Project Server or Project Online during the course of the Working Session. For help in configuring Project Server or Project Online please consider our Configuring Microsoft Project Server & Project Online course.

Request information about moving your project forward by holding a Microsoft Project Working Session at your location or call Colleen today at 1-800-606-1450, x114.


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