Project Management for Non-Project Managers

After attending this course you will be able to…

  • plan and manage small projects ranging from individual efforts to those involving small teams of two to five people,
  • get the project started in an organized fashion, define what the project is, develop a schedule, identify risks to the project’s success, and finalize the plan,
  • communicate effectively as the project progresses, identify and manage issues as they arise during the course of the project, manage changes in order to keep the project on track, assess how well your project is doing relative to your plan, and motivate team members to accomplish their tasks,
  • bring the project to closure and learn from it so that you can manage the next project more effectively.

Course Number: 2033-PM002
Course Length: 1 Day
This Course is Available as: On-site training at your location or online. Online sessions are scheduled for groups at agreed-to times.


Course Materials:

All attendees receive a 130-page course book for use during the class as well as for reference after the session. In addition, participants receive a workbook for use during the session for planning one of their own projects using the best practices covered in the class.


Who Would Benefit From Attending:

This course is beneficial for:

  • those responsible for, or being given more responsibility for, managing small less formal projects who have had no previous training in project management and who are interested in getting more structured, organized, and efficient in leading these small projects. These are often “casual project managers” who have been asked to lead a small team of one to five people in accomplishing a particular goal in addition to performing their regular job responsibilities. Those in this situation may include team leads, analysts, technical leads, administrative assistants, functional managers, supervisors,  scientists, developers, graphic designers, and others.
  • project managers who have not had formal project management training,
  • project managers who may have had previous introductory project management training, but who are interested in refreshing their memory and skills regarding core project management concepts.


Course Credits:

Attendees will receive credit for 7 contact hours of project management training good toward PMI®‘s CAPM or PMP® project management certification.

PMP®s will receive 7 PDUs good toward re-certification.


Course Agenda:

Introductions & Course Objectives

Projects & Project Management

What is a Project?
The Project Lifecycle
Project Management
The 5 Process Areas
The 10 Knowledge Areas

Project Initiation

Challenges & Objectives in Getting the Project Started
Techniques for Initiating the Project


Challenges & Objectives in Planning the Project
Understanding the Project’s Scope
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure & Activity Listing
Sequencing the Tasks
Sizing Tasks
Determining the Schedule
Managing Risk
Baselining the Project


The Importance of Managing Communications
Issue Management
Motivating Team Members


Keeping the Project on Track Through Change Management
Determining Project Health


Challenges & Objectives in Closing the Project
Closeout Activities
What Did we Learn as a Result of the Project?

 Course Wrap-up


Course Format:

A mix of group and individual exercises, explanation of concepts on flip charts or whiteboards and presentations makes this a varied and engrossing learning experience. Participants also work for ten to twenty minutes at a time in their workbooks at multiple times throughout the session to plan one of their own projects so that by the end of the session they’ll have a preliminary plan in place.



There are no prerequisites for this course.


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