Manufacturing plant, refinery, power generation and mine outages require the utmost confidence in the project schedule so that operations can be resumed as planned thereby resuming revenue generation. In addition to time sensitivity, these projects present additional challenges including:

  • the extensive use of contractors, often brought in from different locations and who may need some level of training before starting work on the project,
  • visibility of the project to senior management and, in some cases, shareholders and customers,
  • uncertainty about exactly what work will be required because this “found work” can only be identified once the facility or equipment can be closely examined during the shut-down,
  • worker safety considerations due to fire, enclosed vessel, fall and other hazards,
  • short execution phases of one or two weeks leaving little time for mid-course corrections if things don’t go as planned.

In this environment a well-developed and managed schedule pays off by minimizing the loss of revenue, ensuring worker safety and maintaining or enhancing the organization’s reputation through a well-executed project.

Here’s how Schedule Associates personnel can help:

  • facilitation or participation in project planning sessions to insure that a schedule that complies with best practices and that maximizes the chances of a successful project is assembled,
  • risk mitigation planning,
  • building a schedule for the outage in scheduling software such as Microsoft Project,
  • maintaining the schedule in scheduling software such as Microsoft Project and incorporating changes as appropriate,
  • forecasting schedule and cost performance as the project progresses,
  • developing relevant reports and reporting project status during the project.