Is your staff too busy doing the work required for project completion to develop or maintain a project schedule? Are deadlines being missed, payments not being received or resources inefficiently utilized? A project scheduler from Schedule Associates can help. Your project scheduler can help you

  • understand the impact of delays on project work;
  • justify and get compensated for delays, if appropriate;
  • make a case for approval of time extension requests;
  • attain and set a schedule baseline so that progress, deviations from plan and change requests can be tracked during the course of the project;
  • perform what-if analyses to assist in evaluating change requests and alternate scenarios for executing the project;
  • provide the general contractor, owner or project sponsor the progress information necessary for the subcontractor to get paid;
  • learn which activities are on the critical path and therefore what part of the project must be managed with care if the project schedule is to be attained;
  • understand the demand for resources over time, including cases of resource over- or under-utilization;
  • determine when subcontractors are needed for the project;
  • ensure compliance with industry scheduling standards and scheduling specifications from the general contractor or other parties;
  • perform earned value management;
  • generate schedule, staffing and financial reports required by the owner, general contractor and other project stakeholders.

Your Schedule Associates project scheduler can take responsibility for performing all of the scheduling functions or, if a staff member in your organization is able to do most of the hands-on scheduling work but lacks scheduling expertise, your project scheduler may provide as-needed coaching on how to build, progress and modify the schedule.

Schedule Associates can support you with remote or on-site scheduling services.

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