As the saying goes, everything looks like a nail if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer. The problem is, your challenge may not be a “nail.”  Maybe you’re wrestling with understanding the risk associated with your schedule and incorporating suitable responses. Perhaps you’re not confident in the quality of the requirements on which your project is based. Or it could be that you’d like your organization to have a better understanding of scheduling practices and project management in general. The Schedule Associates difference?…we bring more tools to work on your need. We look at the big picture, identify the most fruitful areas to work on, and pursue those to give you quick results. If it relates to finishing  your projects on time we can help. So while we can provide traditional project controls assistance, we can provide so much more.

When you work with the Schedule Associates team you’ll find:

  • A broad and deep understanding of real world threats to on-time project completion and recommendations for how to counter them.
  • Broad cross-industry experience including experience in the for-profit, non-profit and government arenas.
  • Consultants and instructors who have done what they’re teaching and consulting on; project management and extensive use of Microsoft Project.
  • Instructors who are certified project managers, or PMP®‘s.
  • Interactive engaging training sessions designed to help attendees retain the material.
  • A focus on success in the workplace. If you’re considering training from Schedule Associates you’ll find an emphasis on applying the material in the real world. No material that can’t be used here! Concepts are linked to situations likely to be encountered in the workplace.
  • Current leading edge practices that represent the state-of-the-art in project management today and even tomorrow, not yesterday.
  • Superior quality instruction and training materials. See why attendees have said Schedule Associates’ reference manuals are some of the best!
  • No pressure to buy software, books or other materials. We’re here to help you achieve your objectives. That’s it!
  • We offer quality training and consulting consistent with accepted industry best practices.


“PMI” is a service and trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States of America and other nations.
The PMI logo is a trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States and other nations.
“PMP” and the PMP logo are certification marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which are registered in the United States and other nations.